(1) Examples of recommended food items are:

Raw vegetables: (carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, peppers, etc)
Fruit juice: not “drinks” or “punch”




Whole grain crackers

Whole grain bread

Cold Meat


Hard boiled eggs

(2) Please do not include items which are low in nutritional value and/or high in sugar content including:

Chocolate bars
Soda pop

(3)Parents must ensure that their child’s lunch is nutritious and meets the guidelines of the Canada Food Guide (Potato chips
NB: In special occasions such as Birthday’s cake, cupcakes, etc. are permissible.

(4) Lunch container must be clearly labeled with the child’s name or initials.

(5) Food allergies are posted in the room where the lunch program takes place. We ask parents to keep us updated in writing regards your child’s food allergies or sensitivities.

(6) This program is a nut restricted environment. Lunches that are labeled “May contain traces of nuts”, “Processed in an environment where nuts are processed” or such labels are strictly forbidden. The staff will send the lunch home.
Upon arrival at the program, children’s lunches are to be refrigerated until lunchtime.

(7) If you require your child’s lunch to be heated, please place a visible note for the teacher outside the lunch bag (Clothes pin, ribbon, etc.). The teacher does not have time to check every lunch.

(8) Generally, the program provides no food items for child’s lunch. There are exceptions, however, when such as when a lunch is forgotten at home, or in the case of the child bringing in-appropriate or non-nutritional food. The staff may provide alternate items for the child’s lunch.

(9) This program will supply all snacks in the morning and afternoon.

(10) Parents should also include utensils.

(11) Parents should send lunches fully prepared (staff will microwave heat up lunches).

(12) Parents must sign a letter of agreement to these policies and abide by them. (Lunch bag Waiver Form attached)

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