Daycare Layout

Children are encouraged to use washroom independently. The staff will assist your child with pants, buckles, etc.
Children will attempt to flush the toilet and wash their hands after each use. The staff again will assist your child with that routine.

Children are asked to wash their hands before sitting at the table.
They say a prayer before lunch (Parent optional).
Once sitting at the lunch table, children are encouraged to try each food item on their plate.
Children are encouraged to use proper table manners.
Children are encouraged to talk to one another.
Upon completion of the lunch routine, children then proceed to the washroom to use the toilet.

Circle Time


The curriculum for each program is planned by the teachers and is posted for the parents to read.
The program curriculum is based on emergent curriculum. Through observation, listening and asking open ended questions, the staff will know what are the children’s interests are and base their curriculum on those interests.
The staff may also implement themes that they believe the children will be interested in or that will create opportunities for learning.
Flexibility is a key component to programming.
Any new learning opportunities that arise are readily incorporated in the curriculum.
Each program has a set daily schedule, which serves as a guideline for the day’s activities. These activities are developmentally appropriate for each of the different age groups and alternate between child-directed play and teacher-led structured activities.

Our Program Curriculum


Based on the children’s age, they will learn and acquire many different skills during circle time.
Some of the things that they will learn are:

Days of the week
Months of the year
Taking turns
Languages (English & French)


Saint Mary's Daycare has a standardized system for nutrition. We apply certain Lunch bag policy . In addition we afford meals according to indicated standards too.

Snack Time

The daycare classroom is divided into different sections.
Through these areas, we hope to educate children and teach them skills that will benefit them throughout their lives and prepare them for their academic careers.

Children are asked to wash their hands before sitting at the table.
Children are encouraged to use their manners (e.g. using words like “Please” & “Thank you”) when asking for more snacks.
Children are encouraged to try new snacks. However, if they are disliked, they may discard them.
Socialization is encouraged at the table, however rude or inappropriate language is not acceptable.
Children are asked to wash their hands after each snack routine and use the washroom.


Our Programs

At St. Mary's Daycare, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents . Our goal is to help your student meet the learning benchmarks for their grade, using the following:


  • Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • School Age

Preschool children are required to rest for two hours. However, any child who is awake after an hour of rest has passed, may participate in the “wakers’ program”.
The Kindergarten children (when attending a full day care such as summer or PD days)rest for one hour, or have quite activities.

Sleep Time

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