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Our Kinders and School Age children registered their own experiments after watching a demonstrating video.

The Preschool children was testing a number of different matters: Float or Sink ?!...

Chemistry Set

It is simply a very enjoyable space where children are introduced to the following with hands-on applications on a highly enriched program: 

Float or sink

Permitting a full discovery and recreation opportunity to make your own circuit using a guiding manual. 

Snap Circuit


What is STEAM Library?

Heavy or light

S - Science

T- Technology

E- Engineering

A- Art

M- Math

Let us try it ourselves and see  ...

Advanced program for school age

In a series of sessions we could learn that lenses are used to magnify or decrease the size of objects . We could also learn the mixing of colours in optics.

Sense the temperature and learn the first invented thermometer . 

Providing a variety of slides, she could choose her preference and we provide the Observation sheet as well as some guiding documents .

Using a safe procedure, they could pick an experiment to implement in a nice group work.